Smile Enhancing Tips For The Brides

The bride needs to smile from Sun up to Sun down. She secretly always desires a perfect wedding with everything just falling into place like the soft music on piano; a beautiful smile with those perfect pearly whites are always on her wish list. There are so many things that can enhance and make her smile beautiful and match with that wedding gown just perfectly.

  • The most followed and harmless trick to immediately elevate the shade of your teeth is by using lip colors that have a blue undertone. Few lipsticks are smiled enhancing with blue as their undertone. Theses lipsticks are the perfect buy for your D-day. Shades of red are available in this category. But, people who like to keep it subtle should not worry too. As there are corals, pinks and peach shade lip colors available with a blue undertone. Blue undertone lipsticks instantly cancel the yellowness of your teeth making them appear whiter and brighter.

  • Other best tip which is easy to follow is brightening up the face area especially around your lips to make the teeth appear pleasantly white. Too much contrast in your complexion and the teeth will make them appear dull and yellow. So, always wear your make-up well around your lips.
  • Keep re-applying your lipstick and opt for a long stay product (obviously with a blue undertone). Applying the lipstick with the help of a brush is another trick to make your lipstick stay longer. Make your lips soft and glide-friendly by exfoliating them and applying lip balm.
  • Keep your breath as refreshing as your smile. Remember to bring mints for a quick fix or sneak over to the bar for some fresh mint or a lemon wedge for a natural cure.
  • You are probably going to want to sip on something festive to celebrate your big day. If red wine is your choice, you’ll need to wipe away the evidence immediately afterward no one wants wedding day wine teeth! To freshen up your smile (and your breath) after a glass of Merlot, rub your teeth with the soft napkins available on the meal table. This will help to avoid the staining of your teeth.

Lastly, opt for True Brilliance Teeth Whitening System which will help give you beautiful smile which would be just perfect for your D-day. It will enhance your smile in as little as 5 days.

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Smile Enhancing Tips For The Brides
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