Do’s And Don’ts For Whiter Teeth

Teeth play an important role when it comes to lightening up your personality with the charisma and aura that you create. Pale yellow teeth that are visible in the instance you indulge into a smile can prove to be quite a downer. Here are few simple but really surprising dos and don’ts when it comes to whitening your teeth.

All The Dos For Whiter Teeth

  • Always replace your toothbrush as soon as you see the bristles of it bending or being worn out.
  • Brush and clean your tongue. Cleaning your tongue is not only about fresher breath but also it will help you get those shiny white teeth too. The tongue is the home for different bacteria, which can cause tooth discoloration; getting rid of them, can promote whiter looking teeth.

  • Rinse with apple cider vinegar. While it isn’t as effective as other, more mainstream whitening treatments, it is a natural and organic way to maintain a healthy smile. Dentists recommend rinsing with two parts of water to one part of apple cider vinegar and swishing the solution around for one minute.
  • Eat raw fruits and veggies. The raw fruits and veggies act as natural scrubbing agents that ensure cleaning of the surface of your teeth; making its appearance cleaner and brighter.

All The Don’ts For Whiter Teeth

  • Don’t use baking soda for too long. Baking soda can really score on being all rounder when it comes to cleaning almost everything, but still do not make it a habit to clean your teeth with the same, as it’s an abrasive agent, that will eventually wear out your teeth enamel.

  • Don’t drink those energy drinks as they are also equally if not less responsible for staining your teeth along with tea, coffee, and colas. They erode your teeth and make them look totally unworthy of smiling.
  • Avoid eating dark colored foods. Dark colored foods will stain your teeth for sure. The defaulters in this category are chocolates, colored candies, few dark berries like the blueberries and mulberries. These foods will stain your teeth and make them look pale.

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Do’s And Don’ts For Whiter Teeth
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