Foam Board Vs Gator Board

What makes your advertisements or presentations stand out in the crowd? Definitely, your answer will be a great display board which has the capability to attract a large number of audiences towards it. There are a variety of options with favorite brand to choose from for a display board that will suit your purpose. Two such types are foam board and gator board. Let us first understand and analyze these two types of display boards from a closer perspective.

What Is A Foam Board?

Foam Board is that type of board for displaying which comes with an interior that is crafted from thick foam and the outer part is made of thin white cardboard. The foam boards are basically feather-like and can be cut in the desired shape and size to arrange various prints, frame for pictures and to erect models. The composition of the foam board is such that it does not respond to some glue and paint very well. On the use of superglue, foams meltdown. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing the type of adhesive to stick foam boards together. Today a type of foam board is available in the market which is self-adhesive in nature. This foam is a good choice for constructing life-size realistic 3D models. Foam Board Printings are less costly and they have a glossy printing output which proves to be a great product.

What Is A Gator Board?

Unlike foam boards, gator boards are those type of display boards which have a thick interior which is made of foam and an exterior that is sturdy in nature which is made “wood-fibre veneer”. It is a fantastic material to print your signs and images on. It will give you a matt finish look because the top surface of gator boards are layer with clay which is also generally known as “clay face”.

A General Comparison Between Foam Board And Gator Board

When we talk about foam board and gator board we have to consider a few points of both the boards. Some properties of both the boards are similar while they vary at other points. Below we will try to compare the various aspects of both foam and gator boards for you to choose conveniently for the best printing result.

  • COST:

Cost is one of the basic factors that everybody considers before buying a product. Therefore, if we compare the foam board to gatorboard we will find that foam board comes quite cheaper in the market. therefore people with cost-effective business plans are likely to tend towards purchasing the budget-friendly foam board.


Both the boards are identical from this aspect. The inner part of both foam board and gator board are made of thick foam imparting ample support to the print surface.


In the case of gator board, the exterior is made of fine quality rigid veneered wood which is not available in case of foam board.


For a painting or a signboard, it is very important that the product should be easily transportable and also it should stand firm. This is possible only when the board’s weight is feather-like. It is a piece of good news to you all that this criterion is fulfilled by both foam board and gator board.


Foam is not resistant to water. Therefore, foam boards are not weatherproof. If you choose to use foam boards you have to be very cautious about it. On the other hand, gator boards have proved to be good weather resistants.


As both the boards are free from acid, they prove to be user-friendly and you won’t get you any allergies.


Foam boards can be crafted to desired shapes and size effortlessly but the rigid gator boards need to go under a machine cutter to be modeled into the desired shape.